Don’t Just Build a Website. Brand One.

At Off the Lip, we offer more than simply web design services. What we give you is end-to-end organizational, personal and product branding for your major online properties. We start with your website, but we don’t end there. That’s because we take content development seriously.

Content Drives the Web

Your message is what makes people find you. Your ideas and images make them connect with you. Your core concept and logo are what makes them remember you. A website is so much more than your HTML and CSS. So build more.

We start with your brand and build outward from there, creating all of the assets you need to make your website come alive. If you select our starter package, we will craft an entire brand from scratch for the price of a website alone. If you are new on the scene and trying to compete with the big dogs, you’ll need big dog marketing materials.

Brand Logo

Our branding experts work with you to find a logo and color scheme that’s right for you.

Style Guide

We create a visual blueprint of your brand that gives a consistent feel to your marketing materials.

Web Messaging

We forge the words that set your desired tone both attracting and engaging your audience.

Lifestyle, Product, Portrait and Architectural Photos

We build a visual portfolio of your business through photography that you can reuse for years to come.

Testimonial Video

We optimize your audience engagement through video testimonials, inserted directly onto your homepage.

...Plus a Kick-ass Website

We package everything together in a beautiful, cleanly-designed website that loads quickly on any device.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Los Angeles County. Our emphasis is growing new and local businesses by developing content that will attract organic web traffic, inspire and engage visitors with enriching visual designs and content marketing, and convert web traffic into leads, subscribers, clients or customers, depending on your goals.

But First, What Kind of Surfer are You?

Do you want to make a big splash, or do you prefer something more basic? Let's find out!

Why Work With Us?



Our sites adhere to performance standards



We get your projects done on time.



We keep you engaged and informed every step of the way.



We know the LA market and will build you a site that fits your target customer.



We want you to succeed, which means you get lots of free advice, plus a very cost-effective maintenance retainer.


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